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The Different Types Of Massages

Swedish massage has been one of the world's most popular massage techniques. It is sometimes also known as an ordinary or Swedish massage. The goal of the technique is to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension by using massage strokes.

Swedish massage is comprised of longer strokes, with more…

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The Benefits of Reflexology Foot Chart

The first benefit of Reflexology should be obvious. Reflexology is a well-proven therapeutic treatment for a wide range of ailments. A scientific review of its physiology has been done. 상계동출장안마 The results of this study are definitive proof positive that Reflexology can indeed cure il…

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Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point therapy can assist you to manage discomfort in your body. The purpose of trigger point therapy was to treat patients who had had a mastectomy. Massage therapy is a wonderful option if you have persistent pain in any region of your body (neck or back, legs and shoulders, wrists included…

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